Satsang Performed in Durganagar by Hari Kirtan Mission

09 December 2018 15:18 Spiritual Desk

Anand hi Anand in Satsang.

Purifying one's own thoughts is more important if a person wants to unfold his real personality. Once , a person decides to get rid of his weaknesses and ready to rise from within, no one in this world can hinder in his quest to move forward in the path of knowledge and boundless perfection.

He is thus able to expose himself to higher and drive away the darkness of ignorance.

These beautiful blissful words were delivered by Aderni Basant Kumar Ji during yesterday's Satsang performed in the dream home of Veer ji in Durganagar. A sensational and best ever Satsang performed with highest esteem and intensity. Hats off for the entire team.

Besides Aderni Opinder Ji , Pushkar Nath also displayed bajans. Dr Janki Nath Raina, President was there to cheer his team.

The highly revered family had made decent arrangements and the Satsang culminated after pooja archana and naveed vitran.

Jai Shri Krishna.


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