Lie 1 to 10: The BJP’s ten point rebuttal to Rahul Gandhi’s Rafale claim

09 February 2019 14:38 India Desk

The Rafale deal has taken centre stage after a report said that there were parallel negotiations on. It was stated that the PMO was conducting parallel negations and this could have weakened the position of the Indian negotiators.

Rahul Gandhi latched on to the report and attacked the Prime Minister. The government was quick to dismiss the report and said that there was no illegality.

The BJP went on to list ten points to counter the claims made by Rahul Gandhi. On its official Twitter handle, it listed out ten points to counter the Congress President. Lie 1 to Lie 10:

Lie No.1: #LiarRahul tried to twist some report in a French media house to say making Reliance an offsets partner was a tradeoff for Dassault to get the deal with India. Fact: Both Supreme Court & Dassault CEO said Indian govt had nothing to do with choosing of offsets partners.

Lie No.2: #LiarRahul tried to create false impression that SC has found grave irregularities with the deal. Indulged in third grade level propaganda on a sub judice matter.

Lie No.3: #LiarRahul claimed that a senior officer at MoD was 'punished' by Modi govt for submitting a dissent note on Rafale deal. Fact: #LiarRahul's lies were shattered when the officer in question spoke to media and denied any kind of 'punishment'.

Lie No.4: #LiarRahul said ex-French President Hollande called PM Modi a thief and that Indian government had asked to include Reliance as offset partner. Fact: Hollande denied all such allegations. The French government issued an official statement. relating to Rafale jets to be sorted by high level group

Lie No.5: #LiarRahul lied even to Parliament and said he personally confirmed from French President Mr. Macron that there is no non disclosure clause. Fact: French govt issued statement refuting liar's claim & said agreement prohibits parties from sharing classified information.

Lie No.6: #LiarRahul quotes multiple numbers at multiple places for supposed price of aircraft in UPA deal Parliament, he said 520 crore Karnataka, he said 526 crore Rajasthan, he said 540 crore Delhi, he said 700 crore Analysis: He deserves Nobel for lying. Lie No.7: #LiarRahul said that the processes and procedures laid down for military acquisitions were flouted by PM Modi's government. Fact: Hon'ble SC in its judgment held: We are SATISFIED that there is no occasion to really doubt the process.

Lie No.8: #LiarRahul said UPA negotiated price of Rs. 526/520/540 (one place, one price) crore per aircraft, while NDA settled for Rs.1,600 cr. Analysis: Liar is comparing apples & oranges. Price negotiated by NDA is for a complete operational package; including Rafale aircraft.

Lie No.9: #LiarRahul said decision to procure 36 aircraft was made to benefit political "cronies" and has harmed Air Force. Fact: Hon SC held the decision was made in interest of defense preparedness in face of our adversaries' ramping up their capabilities and IAF is happy.

Lie No.10: Yesterday, #LiarRahul found a partner in crime - The Hindu. Using a conveniently cropped photo, they tried to lie again.

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