Mike Braun Wins Indiana Senate Race

07 November 2018 13:51 America Desk

One of the most significant pick ups for the G.O.P. this year was the Indiana senate seat, where republican Mike Braun topped incumbent democrat Joe Donnelly.

Following his victory, Braun discussed what he would bring to the upper chamber from his campaign quarters.

“When I decided to do this I wouldn’t have done it, and I mentioned it almost everywhere I go, if it had been President Hillary Clinton, I’d be hunkered down in southern Indiana trying to survive. And you know, and I make that point because we as conservatives being led by President Trump we’ve got to prove our way of thinking why what works in the state of Indiana is going to work for the rest of America and I really believe I can weigh in on that argument,” he said.

Throughout his campaign Braun continued to push the narrative that Donnelly was tied to democrats in Washington, D.C., and not to the people of the state.

It appears his strategy worked, as President Trump now finds a new ally in the U.S. senate.

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