Former Clinton Aide “Confident” Pres. Trump Will Defeat Democrats In 2020

07 November 2018 13:50 America Desk

A top adviser to Hillary Clinton predicts President Trump will easily win reelection in 2020.

Former Clinton Aide Philippe Reines is “confident” the President will defeat — what will likely be — a large field of democrat challengers, he said during an interview this week.

He pointed to the success of the economy as one of the many reasons the President will likely win a second term in office.

Reines added it was “extremely rare” for a president to lose a reelection bid, highlighting it has only happened twice in teh history of U.S. politics.

He also expressed doubt about the democrat candidates rumored to run in 2020, and said so far — he has not seen an ideal candidate that would be able to take on the President.

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